This week Kev (still in Bunker Malmesbury) and Neale talk about getting pictures out to the world from ’that march’ in Washington last week, X100 lens adapters, an invite to take part in the next ‘Ask Andreas’ feature, Kev tries to dodge the rumour mill on new gear, reveals he has been collecting random slides for years and we ask; “When is the right time to upgrade your camera body?”

Also, we ask; “Are you really using your lens properly” and “would you drink and photograph professionally?” Kev’s Book of the Week is Bruce Gilden’s ‘Face’ and our guest is Steve Smith FRPS, a social documentary and street photographer.

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Today’s guest is Steve Smith

Steve Smith was born in Chelsea, London and currently lives in Roald Dahl country situated in the Chilterns. However, it is the urban environment that he is drawn to as a social documentary and street photographer best known for his work on Cuba for which he has gained Fellowships in Visual Arts and Travel. He specialises in producing monochrome prints from film and digital capture.

Book of the week is Bruce Gilden Face

A defining characteristic of Bruce Gilden’s photography is his creative attraction to what he calls ‘characters’, and he has been tracking them down all through his career. Growing up in Brooklyn with what he describes as a ‘tough guy’ of a father, Bruce Gilden developed a love of the streets, often calling them his ‘second home’. The unique energy of the streets mesmerized Bruce, an energy that can momentarily expose something inside people that generally stays hidden. This new body of work, however, is somewhat of a departure for him in that these tightly cropped, full face images can be seen as ‘collaborative’ portraits. His subjects engage directly with the camera, and the photographs are all taken with permission. Gilden has travelled and exhibited widely around the world, and has received numerous awards, including the European Publishers Award for Photography, three National Endowment for the Arts fellowships, and a Japan Foundation fellowship.

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