This week, choices choices; X100V or X-T30 with an interchangeable lens? We also talk about finding a signature look in your photographs and whether you even need to think about a personal style, more on workshops, natural light versus strobe, the new wave of wedding postponements, f2 v f1.4 lenses in the Fujinon roadmap and shooting the birth of your child.

Kev chooses his all-time X100 favourite model, a book of the week is Shutting up Shop by John Londei and Valérie Jardin, X-Photographer is our guest. Remember to email the show with your questions: [email protected] 

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Today’s guest is Valérie Jardin

Valérie Jardin is a French photographer, currently residing in the United States. She is self-taught and worked for several years as a commercial photographer. Today, Valérie is known internationally through her workshops. When she is not teaching others the art of visual storytelling, Valérie is a prolific author, a speaker, and a podcast producer of the bi-weekly show Hit The Streets with Valérie Jardin. She is also an official X-Photographer for Fujifilm USA. She lives and breathes in pixels.

Book of the week is John Londei Shutting up Shop

Shot over a 15-year period beginning in the early 1970s, this is a tribute to an era that has all but disappeared – the traditional small shops that feature have now almost all gone. In 2004 Londei began the task of updating what had become of the shopkeepers and shops he’d photographed so long ago.

Some other stuff we mention this week

The Fujifilm X100V and the X-T30

We briefly talk about Kev’s Ministry of Shadows site.

David Nightingales for some great workshops.

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