This week Kev buys a horse, the boys consider their photographic coffee shop business, we talk lens correction issues for Fujifilm in Lightroom, Neale ducks answering personal questions, photographing The President, getting better at culling, why the boys love Photo Mechanic, using vintage lenses and adaptors for that purpose. The boys tackle starting up on YouTube again, shooting single card camera systems and pre-wedding meets; are they important? Kev’s book of the week is a proper limited edition by Valentino Barachini and our guest is Fujifilm’s UK Marketing Manager, Andreas Georghiades for the latest Ask Andreas feature.

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Today’s guest is Andreas Georghiades Fujifilm UK Marketing Manager

Andreas kindly joins us once again to answer the questions you sent into the show.

Book of the week is Valentino Barachini Cuore velato

Publishers Description:

This photobook represents the synthesis of years of reflection on oriental art and culture, culminating in a long journey to Japan on the footsteps of Shodo calligraphy discipline. Through a ruthless and independent eye, this story seeks to delve into the depths of a culture, exposing the most remote corners of things, in homage to Shinto animism that more than anything represents the key to these places. “Cuore velato” has a chiasmus structure and can be read in two directions, starting also from the end – as in Japanese way. It tries to discover a world, to understand it using its own categories: low profile, almost subdued. To discover this world, Barachini celebrates it and, at the same time, questions it, but its deep core -the heart- finally remains veiled anyway.

This book is the brother and the evolution of “Finchè tornerai terra” (about Ethiopia): similar formats, the same cardboard box, the same “in cage” vision.

Photos, design and handcrafted realisation by Valentino Barachini.

The book is housed in a white cardboard box together with a small issue hand-sewed with 34 photos in four colours.

I purchased my copy of this wonderful book from Photobookstore UK

Some other stuff we mention this week

Lens adaptors for Fujifilm to vintage lens and Kevin eventually remembers Kipon Adapters.

We mention Sarah, at Cambria Photos and the merits of purchasing from small independent retailers.

Photo Mechanic is mentioned again.

Kevin said he was in awe of Adam Wilson’s film of a trip to Venice. Though, it turns out, it was Croatia:

A few other Youtube Chanels we mention this week

And a friend of the show, Sean Tucker, has his new book out too which Kevin will review when his copy arrives.

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