Kev parks himself in Bunker Malmesbury’s cold storage this week as he contemplates a move of office to somewhere with heating, we look for the best small Fujifilm camera, Neale reveals his love for the X-H over the X-T, we talk printers and ‘to do’ list software. What lens do I need for shooting large group portraits and how do I go about them plus when does a photo become a piece of digital art? Neale takes over the book of the week duties as Kev can’t find the packing case with his 3,280 books, so he discusses Gregory Heisler’s ’50’ Portraits and Jayne Odell is our guest to talk about a move to equine photography.

Kev is Computerless right now and had to put this page together on his phone. Not fun. Once I’m back up and running, I’ll update details here 🙂

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  1. Sorry for the politics, but you did it first …

    Nothing about buying a comb – Johnson has messy hair so that people talk about “Boris with messy hair” and forget to talk about his disastrous policies. You fell for it. Maybe I did too …

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