Kev is in flat-pack ‘heaven’ as the new studio build continues, we talk sports photography with the 70-300mm lens and the possibility of a wedding academy. Plus your questions; what do professional photographers do when they’re not making pictures, what are the boys’ aha photographic revelation moments, how large can you print a Fujifilm camera file, what is the future of APSC and why is Fujifilm so devoted to it? The book of the week is Anton Corbijn’s 1-2-3-4, and our guest is the documentary photographer Karah Mew. 

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Today’s guest is Karah Mew Family Photographer

Karah, The Glass Narrator is an international award-winning storytelling documentary photographer.

Book of the week is 1-2-3-4 By Anton Corbijn

Representing the ultimate publication on the music photography of Anton Corbijn, one of the most important photographers and directors working today, this collection of images, many never before published, focuses on Corbijn’s evolving fascination with the music industry, from the 1970s to the present day. Anton Corbijn’s interest in music has been the engine of an
illustrious decades-long career that has most recently involved
the making of feature length films such as The American,
A Most Wanted Man, and Life, due to be released in 2015.
This gloriously illustrated, oversized book pays homage to
Corbijn’s obsession with rock and roll–an interest that has led
to lifelong friendships with Bono, Michael Stipe, Dave Gahan,
and other iconic musicians. Looking back over four decades,
it features hundreds of creative, offbeat images that Corbijn
was able to capture largely as a result of his close relationships
with his subjects. Nearly every revered musician and band is
represented in Corbijn’s archives: Nick Cave to Nirvana, U2 to
R.E.M., the Rolling Stones to Siouxie and the Banshees. Many
of the portraits are accompanied by their subjects’ own take
on Corbijn’s distinct style and approach. Also included here
are previously unpublished photos of the late Joe Cocker
and the band Depeche Mode, who consider him an honorary
member. A fitting tribute to an innovative and deeply
passionate photographer, this book will rock fans of music and

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Comments (2)
  1. I think I’m going to stop listening to The Fujicast Podcast…….it’s costing me a fortune!!!! :- ) I’ve just received my copy of 1-2-3-4 by Anton Corbijn – if, like me, your interests include music and Black and White photography, then this BIG book is a “must” for your collection! – filled with amazing iconic images

    • ….my copy of the book is arriving shortly. 😀

      I am loving the book suggestions, it has filled out my bookshelf nicely.

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