Kev’s Jedi training is almost complete as he starts his own Internet radio show, we talk X-H2 rumours, internal ND filters and weather sealing; how good is the X100 range in the rain and anyone for an XQ1? We introduce the concept of ‘gear identity crisis,’ talk about the perfect lens for photographing and cataloguing art, ponder whether to adjust bridal party attire for photographs, get excited about the new 18mm, HSL and talk about music for your films, slideshows and even podcasts. Our guest is New York portrait photographer Donna Svennevik and Matthew Beck’s: Event, is the book of the week.

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Today’s guest is Donna Donna Svennevik

For more than three decades award-winning photographer Donna Svennevik has distinguished herself as one of the country’s best. Her work has encompassed hard news, advertising, corporate and fine art photography. Donna has travelled to many corners of the globe, photographing everyone from world leaders and Hollywood stars to tugboat captains, aircraft carriers and corporate executives, completing photo essays on everything from youth gangs and prison death rows to Presidential campaigns. 

Neale & Kevin Workshop

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Book of the week is eVENT By Matthew Beck

A cultural history of the sublime first image of a black hole, in photographs and documents

“Peering into Light’s Graveyard: The First Image of the Black Hole,” read the New York Times‘ April 11 cover story. The headline, like many others that day, was accompanied by an image of a glowing celestial ring framed by infinite blackness: the first image of a black hole. In his first book, New York photographer Matthew Beck (born 1986) focuses on the unveiling of this previously unseeable image by following it into the depths of the New York City subway.

The book suggests the notion that the cosmos is not something to simply be observed from our vantage point as humans, but more a system that we are intrinsically a part of; and the true nature of the black hole seems to be as elusive as the answer to humanity’s most pressing question of “why.”

Other Stuff we chat about this Week

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The new Fujifilm 18mm 1.4 Lens

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