Kev laments his first radio faux pas, we talk about sound being a vehicle for your picture making, packing your cams properly in a case, X100 ‘adapter gate’ is born and lens hoods on that camera; are they worth the effort? We also talk about unhappy customers and insecurity, the future and retirement, working into your 80s, preventing your email from getting blacklisted, albums and books in 2021 and ask; “X100 or X-Pro?” Book of the week is Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera and today we have the first of our Friends of the Show chats, featuring subscriber Steve Ford who gave up the corporate hamster wheel for photographic and travel adventure.

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Today’s guest is Friend of the Show Steve Ford

Steve answered our call for listeners’ stories. And what a story.

This is the image he refers to in the interview:

© Steve Ford

Book of the week is Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera Wayne Lawrence

Orchard Beach might not be the most elegant place to sunbathe, but if you live in the Bronx, it’s the closest place to swim, relax on the sand and escape the city’s oppressive summer heat. Drawn to the public beach for its less-than-glamorous reputation, photographer Wayne Lawrence felt a connection to the community as soon as he began snapping pictures. His glamorous pictures of proud men and women, loving couples and families at play challenge stereotypes associated with working-class people by focusing on universal themes such as the ties that bind and cultural pride. Whether Anglo, African American, or Latino; statuesque or stout; young or old, each individual is treated with dignity and sensitivity. Lawrence’s subjects are a community standing in defiance of popular opinion, proud to call Orchard Beach their own.

Some other stuff we mention this week

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