Kev considers how he no longer has time to be a photographer now his radio career is lifting off, we tackle the new street photography and YouTube clauses when it comes to identifying people in your pictures and films, dealing with overzealous amateurs ’stealing your shots,’ self-timer presets the perfect first Fujifilm family camera for a pro and choosing between the X100V and X-H1 for video work. We ask, “Is burst mode cheating when you’re shooting street work and will we have to start requesting permission on the street for pics?” Kev’s Book of the Week is from Belgian photographer Stefan Vanfleteren and Our Friend of the Show guest is Alex Frederickson.

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Today’s guest is Friend of the Show Alex Frederickson

Alex is a multi talented British photographer currently living in Austria. The printing company she mentions is:

Book of the week is Belgicum Stephan Vanfleteren

This is a beautiful, intimate portrait of Belgium, the homeland of photographer Stephan Vanfleteren, offering a visual testament to the country and its people at the end of the last century and the beginning of this one. Stephan’s photographs document the phenomena of everyday life in Belgium.

Some other stuff we mention this week

Kev’s review of the 18mm F1.4 Lens

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