Kev awaits his new monitor, but will it arrive? We talk about the affect others’ photography online has to inspire, the importance of Kickstarter book projects, recording audio for slideshows and filming, the electronic v mechanical shutter actuations lifespan of a Fujifilm mirrorless camera, OIS v IBIS, ask the question; X-T3 or X-T4? TikTok; should I be embracing it for my social marketing? Information Asymmetry; the reason at last, why you should keep the boxes your cameras come in, if you’re ever going to try and resell them. Is it time to think of new genre horizons if weddings don’t return in quite the same fashion for photography? The book of the week is Island Tides by Paul Glazier and our guest is Carl Hare from Fujifilm UK, who is a product specialist and plans to help with ALL questions VIDEO.

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Island Tides by Paul Glazier

In 1978, Paul Glazier first visited and started photographing the remote island of Vatersay in the Outer Hebrides. Glazier started to capture the changing faces of the community as time leaves its mark. Some of the children in the original photographs now have their own children and even grandchildren, and parents have become great-grandparents. Hoping to be able to continue to photograph the island for many years to come, Glazier is slowly building a unique portrait of the island and its inhabitants. In this book he presents a small selection from his large archive, which evokes not only a sense of the natural beauty of the place but also of the people.

Some other stuff we chat about this week

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Kev’s Flying Monk Agency.

Matthias Focks Lockdown Project

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