Neale is hiding his new camera purchase, the boys dip back into their Irish heritage for a green passport that may allow them to shoot weddings in Europe and Kev gives more X Raw Studio advice. How do you keep on top of the myriad of ways people now use to keep in touch on social media and what’s the best productivity tool? We talk scary and proud photographic moments, the way sensors treat colour, camera design gripes, sound tips and what makes a good Kickstarter book. The book of the week is the Thames and Hudson Photofile book on Elliott Erwitt and our guest for part 2 of using your video button is Carl Hare.

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Elliott Erwitt by Photophile

Magnum reporter Elliott Erwitt (born 1928) is a witty photographer with an eye that is not always optimistic, but is always stylish. Sudden coincidences and chance encounters with objects and situations allow him to capture glimpses of the ridiculous or comical side of everyday events. Dogs are his favourite subject, an affectionate metaphor for human frailities. Erwitt’s visual jokes become striking and pithy observations about life.

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