Free Brewdog has appeared, but we promise to present the show sober! This week, the big question: Just HOW can you become a Fujifilm brand ambassador? We also talk custom settings, how to ‘raise’ the buttons on the back of your cameras, mask wearing on jobs, EVF v OVF, keeping or selling cameras, the state of Kev’s kit and we ask; “Is every picture a story?” We return to the subject of a ’new’ Instagram dawn too. Book of the week is Joel Meyerowitz with Wild Flowers and our guest is Matt Searles, a phenomenal photographer from New Zealand, who takes his camera on a mail run each day producing the most incredible documentary and landscape pictures of Mesopotamia.

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Today’s guest is Matt Searles

I’m Matt Searles, a South Canterbury, New Zealand based photographer specialising in rural, landscape and corporate photography.

Matt’s work focuses on capturing a moment in time, whether it’s a changing landscape, life’s big (and small) occasions or just the perfect light.  Clients have ranged from small local businesses to large NZSE listed corporations, and I have experience also making images for the non-profit and educational sector. His work has featured in magazines and newspapers in the UK, USA and New Zealand.

His exhibition ‘Land of the Close Sky’ was featured at South Canterbury’s Susan Badcock Gallery in October 2019.

Book of the week is Wild Flowers Joel Meyerowitz

This new and expanded edition of Joel Meyerowitz’s widely acclaimed photobook, Wild Flowers ― now, in a larger format, features new and unpublished images.

For nearly forty years Joel Meyerowitz has tended his visual garden in the streets and parks and cities he has visited or lived in. He goes out into the streets open-eyed and passionate, carrying a machine which is perfectly suited to the task of taking it all in. The Leica, as quick as the flick of an eyelash, effortlessly interrupts time, stopping and holding it forever.

These walks gave shape to new territory for him, which he began to think of as a garden that reflected the variety of his observations. Then, one day, while editing, Meyerowitz stumbled upon a small group of these flower photographs which he had gathered unknowingly. He began to believe that this innocent premise might be enough to tie together many of his other photographic concerns under the nominal subject of ‘flowers,’ which, given the surprises of city life, he viewed as flowers gone somewhat berserk―and so Wild Flowers was born.

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Kev’s Instagram pictures of his cameras:

SpiderPro holster

EF-X20 flash

DJI Mini 2 drone which Matt mentions: 

Link to James Ravilious as he is mentioned by Matt Searles: 

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