Neale and Kev feel like the only masked photographers in town plus questions include: Why don’t you change the name of the show, where does photography fall in the most furloughed industries list, why do photographers shoot multiple systems, which movie directors inspire you photographically and do you shoot with vintage lenses? We also talk film simulations, the Big Stopper and whether you should bother with colour calibrating your monitors. Book of the week is Elliott Erwitt’s Kolor and our guest is documentary photographer Adrian Arbib.

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Today’s guest is Adrian Arbib

Adrian Arbib is a Documentary Photographer who has contributed to all the UK newspapers and many international ones .  He was  a staff photographer for La Repubblica in London for over 6 years and has travelled extensively covering human rights stories;  including Rwanda, the Horn of Africa, West Papua and India.
He also helped set up the Free West Papua movement in the UK .An archive of his work can be seen here.

He has worked with the BBC on two books and two 6 part tv series, Skeleton Coast in Namibiaand the Edge of Blue Heaven in  Mongolia.

In 1997  he was awarded the  Royal Geographical Society’s  Cherry Kearton Medal  for work with indigenous groups.

Book of the week is Elliot Erwitt Kolor

To select the color photographs for this vast project that have never been published in a book before, Elliott Erwitt sifted through his ample archive of nearly half a million 35mm slides. Then he began the mammoth task of whittling it down to this epic collection of roughly 450 pages. For most of these images, the color managed to stay miraculously preserved and every evocative detail is as crisp as the date of its creation. Whether world leaders or sassy showgirls, the subjects reflect Erwitt s own wry and eclectic sensibility. To say the juxtapositions are intriguing would be an understatement. From marketplaces to military camps, Vegas to Venice, there s a rich mixture of public pageantry and carefully observed private interactions.

Some more stuff we talk about more this week

Pizza Pilot: 

The Wes Anderson Style Explained.

Kev’s Lightroom Presets.

Lee Filters Big Stopper range.

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