Is Kev going to be the next Mick Rock? The boys talk about back to back event shooting and miles under the wheels. Oh why can’t we have a monochrome Fujifilm camera, why so many menus, what is the correct dress code for photographing an event and is teeth whitening really necessary? We talk on the road ‘disasters,’ scanning legacy prints, being ready to take on mentoring clients and the 50mm f1 v 56mm f1.2. Book of the week is The Verve by Chris Floyd and we talk to friend of the show Mandy Burton about finding your photographic confidence.

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Today’s guest is Mandy Burton

Mandy Burton is a Guitarist and Songwriter with the band Eeek. A keen photographer. Massive dog lover of all canines, especially my boys Dexter The Boingy Beagle and Obi the Dalmatian cross Collie.

She did the incredible story 100 Strangers and Their Dogs.

Book of the week is Chris Floyd The Verve

It has been twenty years since the colossal global success of The Verve’s era-defining Urban Hymns and it remains one of the biggest selling British albums of all time.

Photographer Chris Floyd was embedded with the band during their meteoric rise from late 1996 to 1997. He documented the recording, touring and promoting of the album in Britain, Ireland and the USA – the only photographer to have such access. This is the first time his photographs from that time have been published, with most completely unseen.

The book is also a celebration of what it meant to be young in the last moments of societal unself-awareness, before the explosion of the internet and social media, and it includes a section dedicated to people’s memories of 1997. Chris reflects, “For a while it felt like being at the centre of the universe… We were in a brief golden era, when it looked like the world was unshackling itself and beginning to develop a more advanced and progressive attitude. We seemed to be in a decade that had taken a holiday from history. I am grateful and thankful that I got to live out my twenties in such a fertile, peaceful and creative period.” Michael Holden writes in his introduction, “Those years, it turns out, were the twilight of analogue consciousness and certain seeming certainties about the world at large. Whatever we are now, we were not then. This isn’t just the everyday past we’re looking at, but another planet.”

The book’s release coincides with the release on 1 September 2017 of new Super Deluxe versions of ‘Urban Hymns’ on 5CD / DVD and 3 double-vinyl (6LP) box set editions. Both sets contain rare and unreleased recordings.

Some more stuff we talk about more this week

Mick Rock and Harry Benson

Chris Floyd’s website and Verve book.

Alain Laboile

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