Kev is recovering after his marathon of weddings, so it’s a welcome sit down for a coffee and chat about what makes the perfect photo book design. We also talk about swapping our X-Ts and X-Pros for a GFX, the latest Fujifilm Summit, Kev gives dubious flying advice for nervous fliers but sterling advice for a sixteen year looking at a photographic career. We ponder whether cloud back up is safe enough and expensive, if Fujifilm could add shutter sound effects to bodies to resemble favourite classic camera sounds, protecting the X100 series lens, using the X100V’s digital zoom and what ‘non-photographers’ appreciate in a professional picture. ‘Hey look at this’ by Dennis Skyum is the ‘book of the week’ and it’s part one of the latest Ask Andreas, where the Group Marketing Manager for Fujifilm answers your brand questions.

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Today’s guest is Andreas Georghiades

The Group marketing manager of Fujifilm UK joins us once more to answer your questions.

Some more stuff we talk about more this week

Robin Bell – Silver Footprint: 

Zak Waters – Birdmen: 

Link to Backblaze as we mentioned it (perhaps something on Google Drive too and Dropbox? – all the ones we mentioned) – because Neale mentioned Kev’s radio show on Thursday along with my Photowalk on a Friday Photography Daily podcast episodes — PHOTOGRAPHY DAILY

Watch the “X Summit PRIME 2021” and learn new products about Fujifilm X and GFX system.

The new products will be shared by the Fujifilm team and X Photographers.

Don’t miss the exciting news! 00:00 Introduction 04:44 GFX50S II 15:05 GF35-70mm 25:35 GF Lens Roadmap 30:35 GFX FW update 35:45 XF33mmF1.4 43:53 XF23mmF1.4 53:01 XF Lens Roadmap 55:39 Closing Learn more about FUJIFILM X Series & GFX :

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