Kev needs help with iTunes and large Swedish furniture emporiums, we talk merch, re-sorting a camera time sync issue, setting up a wedding business on two continents, finding your style and we ask; “Is the original X100 still useful today?” We also answer questions on why our passion projects are not our jobs, what camera straps we use, why C1 and LR can’t recreate ALL Fujifilm simulations for ALL cameras universally, how the new 18mm has impacted Kev’s wedding work and why you might choose to swap to the Fujifilm ecosystem. Our guest this week is Peter Dench who talks about building a surprising portfolio and the book of the week is Lucy Hamidzadeh’s Unfinished Stories.

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Today’s guest is Peter Dench

Peter Dench is a UK based photographer, presenter, writer, author, educator and curator. 

Achievements include World Press Photo award in the People in the News Stories category and participation in the World Press Joop Masterclass. Football’s Hidden Story, a FIFA sponsored reportage comprising 26 stories across 20 different countries, received six global accolades. 

Solo books published include: THE DENCH DOZEN: Great Britons of Photography Vol 1; Dench Does Dallas; The British Abroad; A&E: Alcohol & England & England Uncensored. 

Written contributions have been commissioned for the New Yorker, Telegraph magazine and a number of photography journals. 

TV presenting credits include: What is it to be English? and Brexit Leavers’ Voices Burnley for Channel 4 News UK. 

Dench is a Visionary for Olympus cameras.

Book of the week is Lucy Hamidzadeh Unfinished Stories

Lucy Hamidzadeh is a photographer and writer from south east London with a deep affection for unpredictable weather and the hustle and bustle of city life. Her early career was spent working for the Monarch Travel Group, where she spent 20 years honing her skill as a writer and developing her penchant for travel – and photography. Unfinished Stories is an extensive collection of photographs that capture the daily lives of people: on the streets, in trains and at cafés, going through their day, often without much thought or notice, but captured in an indelible way by Lucy’s eye and camera. Their “unfinished stories” are the inspiration for her first solo book of words and pictures, making for a lasting glimpse at the fleeting moments she encounters on the streets of London.

Some more stuff we talk about more this week

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Spyder holster Black Widow

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