Kev decides there’s more money in laundry than photographs, we talk the new 23mm – is it time to swap? We talk about the draw of Fujifilm, ask if IBIS is the X-T4 game changer and discuss best lens combos for talking heads interviews in video mode, plus is mobile tech going to replace the pro photographer’s camera skills? Book of the week is Tanya Nagar’s New Street Photographers Manifesto: Any Camera, Anywhere and our guest back for part 2 of his conversation with Mullins is Alan Hewitt, wildlife photographer.

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Today’s guest is Alan Hewitt

About Alan Hewitt

I am a wildlife photographer, filmmaker, writer and photo safari leader based in Northumberland in the United Kingdom.

My appreciation and fascination with wildlife lead me to document and share the natural world we live in. From my favourite local patch, The Farne Islands to the birds and mammals of the Masai Mara, I am always amazed by our wildlife.

I am delighted to be a brand ambassador for FUJIFILM UK – an ‘Official FUJIFILM X Photographer’, and also for specialist camera filter manufacturer, Formatt-Hitech.

Book of the week is Tanya Nagar The New Street Photographers Manifesto

Capture the Reality of Your Urban Surroundings The genre of choice of some of photographys greats, from Henri Cartier-Bresson onwards, street photography is now experiencing a renaissance in the 21st century, as the omnipresence of digital cameras allows us all to seize the moment and shoot whenever and wherever we like – and at the same time, a resurgence of interest in lo-tech and retro film cameras highlights their portability and spontaneity. This book will introduce you to the history of the street photographer, as well as the work of some of the modern greats, and show you how you can capture pictures in the spirit of the street tradition with whatever camera youre able to lay your hands on.

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