The boys shelve their plans for space exploration but they do get scientific about how they store their precious pictures in the cloud. Also, they share their commercial day rates, muse over retouching demands, an X-H1 filming issue, whether there is a safe lock to protect camera kit, using smart phones for pro photo work and discuss the ‘genre that got away.’ Tickety Boo by Charles Traub is book of the week and we welcome back Reggie Ballesteros, American X-Photographer.

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Book of the week is Tickety-Boo Charles H. Traub

Tickety-Boo is a block of a book with more than two hundred images edited from smart phone photographs taken during Charles H. Traub’s everyday ramblings over the last four years. The English expression tickety-boo loosely translates ‘Everything is okay, but maybe everything isn’t!’ Therein lies the enigmatic crux of the images contained in the book. The smart phone is an ingenious companion that readily makes a photographic response by Traub quick and unobtrusive – a third eye, if you will. A stream of consciousness flows in his response to places, things, and people that catch his eclectic whimsy. His subjects are ambiguous and out of context, yet once organized together within this book, create a kind of pictorial completeness, both soothing and disquieting. The photographs in each spread vividly amplify each other leading the viewer to the next sequence. The mundane becomes animated, and in the end, this is a book about the delirious conditions of our time.

Other Stuff We Mention This Week

Michael Shilling’s retouching service

Matt Searles

Two Blue Buckets

Wayne Johns

Dan Winters photography – mentioned when we talk about portraits: 

Reggie Ballesteros: 

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