This week we pay our respects to a giant of photojournalism, Tom Stoddart who passed away last week. On the show, Kev is off to a wedding with the Archbishop! We talk about firmware and Instax printers, the X-M1 and X-E range, solve some X100F metering issues, dream AGAIN about a monochrome sensor, discuss personal versus work cameras and ask; “Are you SOOC?” Book of the week this week is Marilyn Stafford’s ‘A Life in Photography’.

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Guest of the week is Tom Stoddart

Tom has been a friend of the show, a friend to Neale, Kev and many other people.

Book of the week is Marilyn Stafford A Life in Photography

At a time when women were expected to be mothers and wives, not professional photographers, Marilyn Stafford blazed her way into photographic history. Her distinctive approach was deceptively casual and yet psychologically revealing. Over four decades from 1948, she would shoot world leaders and poets; artists, writers, and mourning mothers; children playing on the street, victims of war, refugees, and fashion models.

Having grown up in the Depression, Marilyn was acutely sensitive: she wanted to use her camera to cast a light on injustice, to tell stories that had, in her words, ‘something important to say’.

You can get A Life in Photography from The Bluecoat Press Website.

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