The UK based photojournalist Ian Forsyth joins us on the show today to talk about the freedom to shoot, the ethics of shooting news, press freedom and being a stringer in the competitive field of photojournalism.

Also, today, making a leap of faith and finding your confidence to ask strangers for a portrait.

We start this episode by discussing celebrity culture and conclude that Ricky Gervais does it better.

Skip to: 09:40 Approaching strangers for Street Portraits

One of the questions this week drew us on the topic of approaching strangers for street portraits.

We actually interviewed the wonderful Gabrielle Motola on this subject back in Episode #54.

Neale also mentions his wonderful film he shot at Daytona Beach:

Skip to: 14:22 Interview with Ian Forsyth

Ian talks candidly about the ethics of photojournalism in the UK and the challenges it presents.

You can see more work at Ian’s Website:

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