Start of a new week, so Kev and Neale have the results to last Friday’s penultimate Bar Nuts Quiz, there’s a new Daily Photo Challenge and questions on sanity, face masks and calibrating your screen for all monitors everywhere. Is that really possible?

Write to the boys with your questions, tech and non-tech: 

Skip to: 05:50 Royalty Free Music

In today’s episode, we chat briefly about Royalty-Free music and how we both use Artlist.

Skip to: 09:50 Face Detection with Fujifilm Cameras

One of the questions in this episide was in regard to Face and Eye tracking with Fujifilm Cameras.

This video may be useful.

Skip to: 11:40 Daily Show Photo Challenge

The challenge last week was to post images of how you are keeping yourself entertained during the lockdown.

There were lots of images, many very humerous, but this one from Morten Jensen was the one that made us smile the most.

Skip to: 18:54 Monitor Calibration

Monitor calibration pops up frequently on the show, and today’s question was interesting as it asked about people who only use phones and tablets to view images.

This seems like a good point to redirect you to Episode #34 where we speak to calibration expert Jeremy Daalder.

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