Today, black and white presets, a new Daily Photo Challenge, Kev’s affordable photography book you should buy when it’s safe to start spending money again, how will we eat at weddings wearing masks and that question; is your camera merely a tool?

Oh, and the complaints phone is ringing off the hook following Kev’s loose talk. 😉 AND we launch next week’s new challenge.

Send your questions and caption pictures to [email protected]

The Vicar of Dibley

We mention on the show, The Vicar of Dibley. This was an icon, and very British, sitcom starring Dawn French.

Alice, the verger, was played by Emma Chambers who has sadly passed away.

For our listeners overseas who have no idea what we are on about…. take a look at this gem.

Black and White Processing

Skip to: 06:40 Black and White Editing

This little video of Kevin’s may be of interest to those of you who are debating your black and white RAW/JPEG processing options.

COVID-19 Daily Show Photo Challenge

Skip to: 16:31 Daily Show Photo Challenge

We asked last week to take a picture with that days date and give us all a message.

Lot’s of great images, but the one that we really loved was this one from Bill Stringer.

Kev’s Book You Should Buy

Skip to: 20:41 Black and White Editing

This week, Kev talks about People of London by Peter Zelewski.

Acclaimed portrait and documentary photographer Peter Zelewski spent three years capturing the people and faces of the streets of London.

His images, which have been seen in the National Portrait Gallery and throughout the press, are both intimate and considered and as such are closer to art photography than snapshots. The images are accompanied by arresting quotes that reveal the inner lives of the strangers that make this the world’s most colourful city.

This image © Hoxton Mini Press

We also mention another Hoxton Mini Press book by a friend of the show Nick Turpin called On The Night Bus.

The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.

Ansel Adams

Next Week’s Photo Challenge

We need you to send us (by email only please via [email protected]) a funny image (that you have taken) that we will open up for captioning on the Facebook Page.

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