Kev and Neale are buying a private set of ‘islands’ in the sea with their Euromillions win! This week, mails on the perfect street set up, the differences between DSLR and APSC, deleting your historically less ’skilled’ efforts in Instagram and we’re asked if developing a style can thwart your overall creativity. Projects and the how, what, why of them surfaces once more, we talk teleconverters for X100 cameras and Neale Surprises Kev with what’s going on behind the curtains of Arcacia Avenue. Book of the week is Abandoned Tennessee by Jay Farrell and our guest is Fujifilm ambassador and wildlife photographer Alan Hewitt.

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Today’s guest is Alan Hewitt

About Alan Hewitt

I am a wildlife photographer, filmmaker, writer and photo safari leader based in Northumberland in the United Kingdom.

My appreciation and fascination with wildlife lead me to document and share the natural world we live in. From my favourite local patch, The Farne Islands to the birds and mammals of the Masai Mara, I am always amazed by our wildlife.

I am delighted to be a brand ambassador for FUJIFILM UK – an ‘Official FUJIFILM X Photographer’, and also for specialist camera filter manufacturer, Formatt-Hitech.

Book of the week is Jay Farrell Abandoned Tennessee

Abandoned structures are places that open the imagination and invite interpretation. Distressed wood and weathered remnants of human life are crossed by time and animal tracks, inviting one to picture what once was. Abandoned homes and buildings offer unique, distressed beauty. While often overlooked by passers-by, their skeletal remains act as the perfect subject for the lens of a camera, quietly waiting to be captured and shared. Abandoned Tennessee explores this haunting narrative through its display of photos by abandoned building photographer Jay Farrell. Readers are encouraged to explore the forgotten corners of the state, see the world through different eyes, and take the long road home.

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