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This week three special guests; Wedding Photographer Ian Weldon, Cat Ekkelboom-White and Nick Church join Kevin and Neale to sort out what’s happening in wedding and social photography world.

We also ask if Fuji may produce a black and white only camera one day and talk about the importance of personal projects.

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Wedding Photographer Ian Weldon shoots a wedding on a mobile phone:

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Ian Weldon:

Cat Ekkelboom-White:

Nick Church:

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Zack Arias discusses everything APS-C and Full Frame in the following (entertaining) video:

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Professionals at work right here: These two guys deserve to be considered gurus in different and delightfully complimentary ways. Neale is a world class interviewer and producer, and Kevin ties it all down with his down to earth insight and subtle takes and quips. Experiencing this podcast is like observing a couple of masters in a casual and effortless flow state. If you’re interested in time travel, turn on one of the episodes and experience 60+ minutes vanishing in the blink of an eye. They’re also very active in the online community they’ve created from the ground up. I can’t imagine how trying it is to respond to all of the online questions they are tagged into... yet, they do it. Thanks, Kevin and Neale! And yes, the Fonz is from Milwaukee.​
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