The FujiCast is a photography podcast hosted weekly by Kevin Mullins and Neale James.
It’s not just for Fuji shooters and features a new guest every week.

Latest Episodes

Episode 14 Ralu Chase gets to ask the questions

We recently ran a competition to co-present The FujiCast, turn the tables and ask any questions of the hosts! Today is that show. We welcome Ralu Chase, a London based family photographer who started her photography business in Boston America and Romania! Check out Ralu’s website as we learn a little more about Kevin and...

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episode #13 Welcoming Canon ambassador Sanjay Jogia to the show!

Today's special guest on the interview part of the cast is Canon ambassador Sanjay Jogia.

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A different kind of exhibition this week as during the second part we go on location at the McCullin retrospective exhibition. Hear Neale and Kevin with guest photographers Sanjay Jogia and Michael Shilling discuss and experience one of the most important photographic exhibitions the Tate Britain has hosted. See Michael Shilling’s work here. See Sanjay...

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This week’s episode asks; do you need all the gear you currently have? Gear Acquisition Syndrome is a real thing and most of us have it! Also, we answer your questions about Fujifilm kit and photo experiences whilst tackling the question of how to handle guests who’ve had too much to drink at events and...

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This week's special guest is the celebrated photo storyteller Tom Stoddart. His advice is gold for anyone wishing to be a photojournalist. We also talk about getting in close with wider angled lenses to tell a story.

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EPISODE #9 YouTuber Sean Tucker plus dealing with social media negative criticism

Sean Tucker, rising YouTuber in the photo community is our guest this week on The FujiCast. Your questions as always and Kevin and Neale deal with how to tackle the more negative side of social media.

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EPISODE #8 Social Media for Photographers and James Ravilious

This week, Mullins under the spotlight, twice. He shares his real working knowledge of social media and how to use it well in photography and takes a trip to Devon to talk to Robin Ravilious, widow of the late great James, social documenter, lauded by Cartier-Bresson for his authentic storytelling of life in the south...

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EPISODE#7 Street photography and 9/11 remembered by Jason Florio

Street photography is a theme we return to and today’s episode takes on a potent tone as we hear photojournalist Jason Florio’s account of working on the streets of New York on the day of 9/11. Your Fujifilm questions and an opportunity to win Simplr straps. Show notes and competition annos:  Jason Florio:  Florio Instagram: ...

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In this episode we talk more about the wedding industry, answer more of your questions and there is an incredible interview with photojournalist Cameron Neville. Do you fancy having a morning with Neale and Kevin talking about your business, portfolio review etc? We have a little competition you may like if that is the case...

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On this episode, we talk about Kit, kit and more kit. We discuss the ISO Debate and there is an interview with Mark from Shotkit. A competition to win a QT Album album and lots of Q&A. You can use the code: FUJICAST to get 15% off the new amazing Journal ArtBook at QT Albums....

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EPISODE #4 Finding your photo mojo part 2, street shooting law and Fujifilm Q&A

Photography Workshops Patrick LaRoque Dan Winters BubsPictures iWitness

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EPISODE #3 Finding your photographic mojo with guest Patrick La Roque, zooms, primes and your questions

This week Kevin and Neale's special guest Patrick La Roque takes to the road to reignite his passion for photography in part one of a two-part mini-series.

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Behind The Mic

Neale James

Show Host

Broadcaster, photographer, film maker and now podcaster, Neale James has worn many hats during his three decades in the creative arts.

Kevin Mullins

Kevin Mullins

Show Host

Kevin is an official Fujifilm X-Photographer who has been shooting Weddings, Family and Street Photography candidly for over ten years.

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