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#157 Fujifilm v Nikon v Leica. Hmmm.

Kev and Neale muse over whether meeting up to work in the same studio again will be allowed before the next new decade, how you advertise your services minus a portfolio, what about a medium format styled X100, is sharpness really that important and should we swap our zooms for primes? We try to solve a brand choice decision and we tackle T stop lenses and marketing processes. Tony Ray Jones is the feature of this week’s book review and respected wedding photographer Adam Johnson is our guest.

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Posted in: 2020 Interviews

#138 Need inspiration? LEAP and the net will appear!

Today special guest, international award winning wedding photographer Adam Johnson talks about the day he quit his job with just two bookings in an otherwise empty calendar, particularly pertinent in our year where clear diaries have been a theme for many a professional. Also, the chance to win a Tourbox, talk of self publishing, best practises for twin card set ups, and are you cheating – if you use presets? That and more in this week’s show.

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