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#167 TWO YEARS of the FujiCast, all dressed up with nowhere to go!

The show is two years old and the boys are itching for a party, but Boris has ripped up the balloons and invites, Kev has a social media dilemma, well 5,000 of them to be precise, ND filter options for your X100 model, the new nostalgic neg film simulation, jumping in at the deep end professionally (from zero to pro in one life decision), business regrets, more flippy-out screen gate and trad versus documentary weddings. The book of the weeks is, ‘A voice above the Linn’ by Robbie Lawrence, our guest is Fujifilm’s Marketing Manager for Fujifilm UK, Andreas Georghiades as he answers more of your product questions and the winners are announced for the FujiCast at 4 feature which has just closed after its year long run organised by friend of the show Neil Ford.

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#166 The latest releases and Fujifilm news!

This week Kev buys a horse, the boys consider their photographic coffee shop business, we talk lens correction issues for Fujifilm in Lightroom, Neale ducks answering personal questions, photographing The President, getting better at culling, why the boys love Photo Mechanic, using vintage lenses and adaptors for that purpose. The boys tackle starting up on YouTube again, shooting single card camera systems and pre-wedding meets; are they important? Kev’s book of the week is a proper limited edition by Valentino Barachini and our guest is Fujifilm’s UK Marketing Manager, Andreas Georghiades for the latest Ask Andreas feature.

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