#71 From the Sun Newspaper to shooting wedding PJ – Brad Wakefield

Today’s show features Brad Wakefield who talks about shooting press work and how in many respects it’s similar to photographing a wedding in terms of story capture. Why don’t we talk about micro two thirds? And other questions, all in The FujiCast Daily. Remember the show lives by your questions and thoughts on photography, so keep sending them in to [email protected] 

Brad Wakefield: https://www.bradwakefield.com/ 

Brian Shul’s spy plane photography: bit.ly/brianshul 

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#27 Holiday special week 2 from Spain and the UK!

Kevin is in Spain, Neale is in the UK, but it doesn’t stop our weekly roll. This week, more about curry, fish and chips and photographing in Brighton, making creative slideshows, and cancellation policies if you’re a wedding photographer. Also we hear more listener stories from Europe, America and Canada.

Rivki Locker: https://www.rivkilocker.com/ 
Tim Bindner: https://www.instagram.com/timothybme 
Brad Wakefield: http://www.bradwakefield.com/ 
Anna McCarthy: https://www.annamccarthy.com/ 
Bryan Caporicci: https://www.bcapphoto.com/ 
X-Weddings: https://www.x-weddings.co.uk/