#85 Want to work in 'Hollywood?' Keith Bernstein Q&A

Well maybe not Hollywood per sae, but on film sets around the globe (when we reopen for business). Today Keith Bernstein reappears to answer the questions you’ve sent in about being a television and films set and stills photographer. And Kevin sets the most daring DAILY PHOTO CHALLENGE yet! A monster sized episode.

Keith’s work: https://www.keithbernstein.co.uk/

#76 Working as a film set photographer

A revisit today to a segment from an earlier episode before Christmas when we talked about working as a film set photographer. Kev reveals how he almost launched a boy band. We even talk stoic logic and street photography. Real mixed bag today.

Keith Bernstein: https://www.keithbernstein.co.uk/
Markus Andersen: http://www.markusandersen.net/

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#50 Pulitzer prize winner Cathal McNaughton

Reuters photographer Cathal McNaughton talks about winning a Pulitzer for his work in Myanmar and Bangladesh. The book review is back featuring Nan Goldin, we talk personal projects and share more plans for 2020.

Cathal McNaughton: https://www.cathal-mcnaughton.com/
Nan Goldin: http://www.artnet.com/artists/nan-goldin/
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#43 Meet Nelson Mandela's personal photographer

Imagine this. Your first professional gig is shooting The Clash at the launch of punk music. Next you’re with Elton John. Then you’re on assignment in lawless Mogadishu followed by an invitation to be Nelson Mandela’s personal photographer. Clint Eastwood chooses you to photograph on set. This is the stuff of dreams surely? Meet Keith Bernstein, the man behind the stories above. Also today, dealing with low light, how to start in street photography and X-T2 or X-T3, what should I buy?

Keith Bernstein: https://www.keithbernstein.co.uk/
Neale and Kevin’s websites: https://www.fujicast.co.uk/theboys