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#193 I want to photograph ROCK N ROLL! The 50mm f1 v the beloved 56mm f1.2

Is Kev going to be the next Mick Rock? The boys talk about back to back event shooting and miles under the wheels. Oh why can’t we have a monochrome Fujifilm camera, why so many menus, what is the correct dress code for photographing an event and is teeth whitening really necessary? We talk on the road ‘disasters,’ scanning legacy prints, being ready to take on mentoring clients and the 50mm f1 v 56mm f1.2. Book of the week is The Verve by Chris Floyd and we talk to friend of the show Mandy Burton about finding your photographic confidence.

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#24 Making a successful photo project with Mandy Burton

Be serious with yourself now. How long has that photo project you’ve been meaning to make for a while, just existed within that area of consciousness we call; The Back Burner? This week we’re delighted to introduce Mandy Burton, Nikon and now Fujifilm shooter, with a story about making her very first photo project. Hopefully it’ll inspire you, pros and amateurs alike to do the same thing.

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