#76 Working as a film set photographer

A revisit today to a segment from an earlier episode before Christmas when we talked about working as a film set photographer. Kev reveals how he almost launched a boy band. We even talk stoic logic and street photography. Real mixed bag today.

Keith Bernstein: https://www.keithbernstein.co.uk/
Markus Andersen: http://www.markusandersen.net/

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#1 Meet Kevin and Neale, with special guest Markus Andersen

The first FujiCast. Meet Kevin and Neale as they review Bob Mazzer’s potent photobook about London’s iconic underground culture. Neale goes on a Sydney photowalk with Fujifilm X-Photographer Markus Andersen and the new mailbag feature answers your questions about all things Fujifilm.

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