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#174 Photographing weddings, the Royal Family and swimming with sharks!

Neale has been jabbed with 0.5mg of Bill Gates’ finest. Talking of ‘gates,’ Boxgate is back, SRGB or Adobe’s flavour of; what to choose to work in, some X-Pro3 issues to deal with and Q buttons, why? Which background colour works better for websites, can Judo make you a better photographer, how good are the new Mullins presets, how can I time and GPS stamp my audio recordings, how do you choose your photo books and the X-A7: discuss? Plus X-T3 or X-T4, is the IBIS worth it? Vinca Peterson’s ‘No System,’ is Kev’s book of the week plus we talk with royal family photographer Matt Porteous who is currently in The Maldives swimming with sharks! 

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