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#194 Who’s afraid of the big bad TROLL and LOVE thy camera!

Neale is literally mining for questions and Kev is inviting a star studded list of photographers to take turns in photographing his big day; just another week really. We talk camera button layouts, dealing with trolls and negative comments, looking after your back when hauling gear, planning your own workshops, photographing Mrs. Stephenson, camera tech versus phone manufacturing, being fed as a supplier and drinking gin by the pint, by accident! Book of the week is Chris Ferreira’s incredible art/doodle/photography book, Journal: To the Mayon Volcano and Beyond and our guest is Robin Ravilious.

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#8 Social Media for Photographers and James Ravilious

This week, Mullins under the spotlight, twice. He shares his real working knowledge of social media and how to use it well in photography and takes a trip to Devon to talk to Robin Ravilious, widow of the late great James, social documenter, lauded by Cartier-Bresson for his authentic storytelling of life in the south west of England.

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