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#182 Swapping from Nikon and what is fine art photography?

Kev is luxuriating in Bunker Malmesbury, Neale is in the studio, though it’s business as usual with your questions. This week, is there any point to IBIS when films today are as ‘Shaky’ as an 80s pop star singing Green Door? We talk about taking on a part time job if wedding work gets shifted again, whether we could return to a time which necessitates shooting with film cameras only, Clubhouse, the banning of street shooting and we debate fine art photography; what is it? The boys tempt a lifelong Nikon shooter with a shopping list, we sort out the black and white simulation options in camera, and discuss perfect pancakes of the lens variety. The book of the week is Todd Hido’s ‘On Landscapes, Interiors and The Nude’ and our Friend of the Show interview is with Steve Vaughan.

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#60 A way to REALLY tackle this isolation thing!

The FujiCast daily today talks with Steve Vaughan, one of The FujiCast Facebook group admins. Have you joined yet? Steve is using to stay in touch with customers, friends, family AND photographers, plus some heartening news.

Stoicism film: 
BBC Eyam film: 
Beijing good news: 
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#33 Someone stole my picture! And meet the Facebook moderators

This week the mail bag raises the question of what you should do when your pictures are used commercially without your permission. A chance to meet the moderators of our FujiCast Facebook group and more on how to successfully make pictures of people on the street.

Steve Vaughan: 
Peter Kasbergen: 
Simplr Straps:
Kevin Mullins: 
Neale James: