#73 Magnum legend Martin Parr second shoots a wedding!

“Would you like to second shoot a wedding for me?” The question UK wedding and commercial photographer Rebecca Faith posed to Magnum legend shooter Martin Parr. Hear what happened after he agreed. Also today, should you be photographing on the street during lockdown? 

Rebecca Faith’s site: https://rebeccafaithphoto.com/


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#72 Start making a video diary TODAY!

Today’s guest, portrait and wedding photographer Fran Corbett had never pressed the video record button on her camera before Covid-19 had us all documenting our every move at home during lockdown. Her short honest family films of life in France during this time had us captivated on the show, so we wanted to learn more of her experience and what she uses technically.

Fran Corbett: https://littlewingphotos.com/ 

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#71 From the Sun Newspaper to shooting wedding PJ – Brad Wakefield

Today’s show features Brad Wakefield who talks about shooting press work and how in many respects it’s similar to photographing a wedding in terms of story capture. Why don’t we talk about micro two thirds? And other questions, all in The FujiCast Daily. Remember the show lives by your questions and thoughts on photography, so keep sending them in to click@fujicast.co.uk 

Brad Wakefield: https://www.bradwakefield.com/ 

Brian Shul’s spy plane photography: bit.ly/brianshul 

#70 I have something to admit about my photography contract!?!?!!?

The incredibly patient Bryan Caporicci is back for the last part of his three parter on business advice during lockdown. Today we talk contracts and Neale has something to admit about his own contract! Also how DO you say the word Nikon, our strangest photo commissions and photographing pots ‘n’ pans.

Bryan’s Sprout Studio link: https://www.getsproutstudio.com

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#69 Mentored by Bill Brandt, the incredible documentarian Fran May

MAIN SHOW MONDAY as we’ve been calling it talks today to respected British documentary photographer Fran May. Her honest pictures of Britain during the power strikes and financially turbulent times of the 70s are now the subject of a book featuring pictures that Bill Brandt, her mentor, commented would one day form a precious and important portfolio. As always your questions to click@fujicast.co.uk and Kev’s photo book review.

Fran May: https://www.franmayphotography.com/

#68 Beirut hostage John McCarthy part 2, hope, freedom and new horizons for us all

In part 2 of our weekend daily show, John McCarthy talks of his release after 1,943 days captive in Lebanon. As we encounter our own isolation and think of what lies ahead, John shares how his hopes for freedom led to new horizons. Today is about embracing our futures. We’ll also hear more of your photographic daily stories of what you’ve been doing at this time.

John McCarthy: info@room54.co.uk 

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#67 Former Beirut hostage John McCarthy defeating isolation – special guest part 1

A very special guest joins us this weekend on The FujiCast Daily. John McCarthy was held hostage in Beirut for 1,943 days, so knows a deal about isolation. Today a story of hope and tackling the effects of being isolated from an outside world. Part one of a two parter this weekend. Also your positive stories of what you’ve been doing photographically during this extraordinary time.

John McCarthy speaking engagements: info@room54.co.uk

The book: ‘Some other rainbow,’ Jill Morrell and John McCarthy

#66 When this is all done, how to flourish as a photographer

Today, a list of stuff to do daily, should I posting my wedding pics right now and Bryan Caporicci on what happens when the doors open again for business? Who will prosper and how can you flourish. And Kev talks of the days he used to walk 22 miles as a street photographer.

Sprout Studios business for photographers: https://getsproutstudio.com/

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#64 Alright, let's get serious about getting our business through this

In today’s daily photography show, we talk with Bryan Caporicci of Sprout Studios about his new FREE marketing series for photographers who want to successfully come out the other side of this. All the normal chat, some of your questions and what IS Kev doing with this free time he has?

Sprout studios: https://getsproutstudio.com/
Sprout YouTube: https://bit.ly/SPROUT-marketing 
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#62 Photographing your big personal project with Mick Yates

It’s MAIN SHOW MONDAY… alongside our daily shows of course during this rather strange period in united international history. Today the incredible personal project work of documentary photographer and photographic tutor, Mick Yates. We also talk about having your own exhibition, how many images IS enough when presenting to a client and a word about social media.

Mick Yates: https://www.mickyatesphotography.com/ 
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#57 Launch your own photo podcast? And X-T3 or X-T4?

This week’s special guest on The FujiCast is Andrew Hellmich, whose PhotoBiz X podcast was one of the first photography podcasts to focus on the business side of making pictures. He shares how he got started and some gems of advice given on the show to him. Also this week, finding your photography confidence, making a choice between the X-T3 and X-T4, the focal length you shouldn’t be without and another photo disaster story.

Andrew Hellmich PhotoBix X: https://photobizx.com/
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#56 The incredible portraits of Luis Garvan

Luis Garvan is talked of often on the show and today Kevin talks with him via link to Mexico City. We believe Garvan’s work to be ‘quiet genius,’ whether it’s his exquisite study of still life flora, commercial portraits or abstract form and today Kevin asks him how he works and why. Also today, how photography helped one listener in his battle for sobriety plus Kev’s book of the week features Bailey’s study of human form.

Luis Garvan: http://www.luisgarvan.com/ 
Keith Vaughton: https://www.keithvaughton.com/ 
Kevin and Neale: https://www.fujicast.co.uk/theboys 

#55 Camera launch special – the X-T4 has arrived and Portugal X-Photographer Andrew Mumford

Fujifilm’s X-T4 is now out and this week is the first week we can officially talk about it, so we travel to London to make some test shots and mull over our thoughts in the smoke’s famous Oily F Stop pub. Is this a camera for still shooters, movie makers or both? Is it finally the perfect combination? Also, we hear from Andrew Mumford; X-Photographer in Portugal about landscapes, YouTube and workshopping as a career.

Andrew’s website: https://www.andymumford.com/ 
Our personal links: https://www.fujicast.co.uk/theboys 

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#54 How to approach strangers for street portraits with Gabrielle Motola

Today on the show, the super talented Gabrielle Motola shares how she approaches strangers for street portraits. It’s been a life skill she’s had to learn and develop and today she lays bare her secrets. Also hear about Gabrielle’s new book made on location in Iceland and how she started life at Annie Leibovitz’s studio. Also on the show, tripods, the book of the week, more on the X-T4 and Kev’s bought a GFX! 

More on our work: https://www.fujicast.co.uk/theboys/
Gabrielle’s website: https://www.gabriellemotola.com/ 

#53 Photographing landscapes for YouTube Thomas Heaton

This week we talk to Thomas Heaton about the launch, growth and popularity of his landscape photography YouTube channel, his switch to Fujifilm and how his recent trip to Nepal was his biggest physical challenge yet. Also, is the D Pad to be taken from all cameras? Kevin gets to grips with ‘that’ film, the one Fujifilm ‘banned,’ and the book of the week is Jane Bown’s Exposures.

Find Neale and Kev’s sites: https://www.fujicast.co.uk/theboys/
Thomas Heaton: https://thomasheaton.co.uk/ 

#51 Do you want to shoot sport? And a new 2020 photo challenge!

Fujifilm X-Photographer Jeff Carter joins us on the show today. Respected for his industry leading motorsport pictures, Jeff is equally a talented landscape shooter and he shares his advice for working in these genres. Also this week a new photo challenge for any listeners in the FujiCast Facebook group, Kev’s book of the week, your photo disaster stories and we’ll attempt to succinctly answer a tax question too. You can’t get more varied!

Jeff Carter: https://www.macleanphotographic.com/ 
Connect with us: https://www.fujicast.co.uk/theboys 
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#50 Pulitzer prize winner Cathal McNaughton

Reuters photographer Cathal McNaughton talks about winning a Pulitzer for his work in Myanmar and Bangladesh. The book review is back featuring Nan Goldin, we talk personal projects and share more plans for 2020.

Cathal McNaughton: https://www.cathal-mcnaughton.com/
Nan Goldin: http://www.artnet.com/artists/nan-goldin/
The boys: https://www.fujicast.co.uk/theboys/
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#49 A travel photography special in Switzerland

This week Neale and Kevin take you in their suitcases to beautiful Switzerland and ponder over your questions about travel and photography. Also meet one of Europes most respected wedding and commercial film makers; Emma Wilson. The boys answer more of your questions and share their ideas about the best kit to travel with when filming and photographing overseas.

Emma Wilson: https://storyofyourday.co.uk/

#48 Success, is it hard work or just plain luck? Make 2020 your year!

In 2020, book less but charge double. Is that as simple as it sounds though? How can you achieve success? Is it hard work or luck? Also this week we talk with James Lawrence who has the job of training clergy at the Church of England. Finally a man who can help us as photographers when it comes to that frosty welcome we sometimes find when entering church as a professional. And, should you hire a retoucher?

James Lawrence: https://jcl-photography.weebly.com/
Kevin and Neale’s sites: https://www.fujicast.co.uk/theboys/