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#179 Calling FRIENDS OF THE SHOW and UFO capture?!

The most left field question for an entire season; what settings would you use to capture the visit of a UFO? We also talk book design, the whisky camera shop, sensor cleaning on IBIS cameras and ask is it the photographer who makes a camera shine or is it the other way around? There’s advice for new documentary wedding photographers; the rules of engagement in church, we talk SD cards, 3rd party lens set ups, the value of a weather sealed lens, film recipes, the joy of doors (!), video mic suggestions for vlogging and small scale postcard printing. Kev’s book of the week is American Photographs by Walker Evans and we have an appeal for friends of the show to tell us YOUR stories.

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#178 Self publish YOUR stories and websites in an Instagram age

The boys are reunited after months of Skype separation, in the studio! This week, embracing colour after a life presenting black and whites, the difference between recipes and presets, building your own look and capturing the moment whilst being IN the moment; family pictures. Boxgate continues and Neale finds a pile of X-H1 boxes that practically match his height, we talk third party lenses, assisting the greats, whether we still need websites in this Instagram world, the catharsis of photography during Covid, getting back on the professional bike to shoot weddings after so much time out and the 70-300mm lens; do I need it? Book of the week is, ‘The year the world stood still’ by Chris O’sullivan and Dan Milnor talks more about self publishing to us.

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#177 Dangling off the Brooklyn Bridge and shhh, new camera rumours?

Kev’s Jedi training is almost complete as he starts his own Internet radio show, we talk X-H2 rumours, internal ND filters and weather sealing; how good is the X100 range in rain and anyone for an XQ1? We introduce the concept of ‘gear identity crisis,’ talk about the perfect lens for photographing and cataloguing art, ponder whether to adjust bridal party attire for photographs, get excited about the new 18mm, HSL and talk about music for your films, slideshows and even podcasts. Our guest is New York portrait photographer Donna Svennevik and Matthew Beck’s: Event, is book of the week.

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#176 The legendary David Hurn, and a Mullins James workshop!

Mullins is having teething problems in ‘New Bunker Malmesbury’ and Boxgate continues. We talk about leaf shutters and why they’re not in our X-Ts and Ps, how an X100S deals with being sent to the bottom of a swimming pool, Mullins’ decision to upsize during a pandemic and we have news of an upcoming Kev and Neale documentary wedding workshop. Questions about the term ‘weekend warriors,’ two tier sensor cameras, the rights required for selling photos made at a music concert and a thought about company names. This week’s book of the week is ’The 1960s’ by David Hurn and he’s also our guest.

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#175 The power of making one portrait every day + a Royal X-T3

‘Boxgate’ lingers on, though Kev is more concerned by the boxes of Easter eggs he can squirrel away before the kids find them. Questions today include, do you befriend your clients, do women and men see differently, can the Fujifilm system cut it for pro work in the studio and are photographic eggs in one basket still a good idea post pandemic? Kev reveals the truth about his wedding earnings during the pandemic, we look at some tech specs of a particular Zeiss camera in order to talk about the camera of the future and muse over the ‘Duchess of Fujifilm’ and internal flash triggers. The book of the week is Raymond Depardon’s ‘Glasgow’ and Neale talks with John Mannell, the ‘Portrait per Day’ man about making street portraits and mental health. 

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