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#192 A change of show name? And shooting vintage glass

Neale and Kev feel like the only masked photographers in town plus questions include: Why don’t you change the name of the show, where does photography fall in the most furloughed industries list, why do photographers shoot multiple systems, which movie directors inspire you photographically and do you shoot with vintage lenses? We also talk film simulations, the Big Stopper and whether you should bother with colour calibrating your monitors. Book of the week is Elliott Erwitt’s Kolor and our guest is documentary photographer Adrian Arbib.

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#191 Indie camera shops and good news for Euro street shooters

Kev’s overheating and he’s had just four hours sleep in as many days! Neale is pining for Africa again as the boys talk about where they’d like to make photo stories when the world opens up. Tamron has a new lens for us to look forward to, packing a bag for 24 hours in New York City, The Great British Photography Challenge, watermarking, a tool that can select our best pictures by ai, self publishing, why Kev has fallen out of love with Wordpress and street shooting legally; good news! The book of the week is Do Photo by Andrew Paynter and our guest is Northern Ireland’s only independent camera store owner, photographer Pascal Diamond.

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#190 HOW to become a Fujifilm Ambassador? & ‘Mail to Messy'

Free Brewdog has appeared, but we promise to present the show sober! This week, the big question: Just HOW can you become a Fujifilm brand ambassador? We also talk custom settings, how to ‘raise’ the buttons on the back of your cameras, mask wearing on jobs, EVF v OVF, keeping or selling cameras, the state of Kev’s kit and we ask; “Is every picture a story?” We return to the subject of a ’new’ Instagram dawn too. Book of the week is Joel Meyerowitz with Wild Flowers and our guest is Matt Searles, a phenomenal photographer from New Zealand, who takes his camera on a mail run each day producing the most incredible documentary and landscape pictures of Mesopotamia.

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#189 An X100M? Dare we dream? & Who stole Kev’s X-Pro2?

Kev is losing it, well he’s lost his memories cards, batteries and a whole X-Pro2! Lockdown losses. Some ’sound’ advice for budding podcasters, we talk URBEX (urban exploration photography), zooms versus primes, attending college to learn photography and workshops, using Instax printers at events and is Twitter the new way to share pictures? Are you patient enough to print? And a conversation about a monochrome only X100. In the Shadow of Cleve Hill by royal racing photographer Bernard Parkin is book of the week and we meet another friend of the show, Dennis Lee.

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#188 X100V, an F1 speed focusing machine and your first SOLO exhibition

Kevin makes number 11 in the hip hop charts and plans to go on tour! A new career perhaps? Neale’s bleep machine is on fire this week as Kev gets proper irate about politics. Over in photo making land though, we talk Snapseed, destination wedding work, editing on iPads, design foibles, white balance, HDR shooting, sensor cleaning, switching from Nikon to an X-E3 and how wedding photography has changed? The book of the week is the World Atlas of Street Photography and Michael Beecham is our guest talking about putting on his first solo exhibition.

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