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#176 The legendary David Hurn, and a Mullins James workshop!

Mullins is having teething problems in ‘New Bunker Malmesbury’ and Boxgate continues. We talk about leaf shutters and why they’re not in our X-Ts and Ps, how an X100S deals with being sent to the bottom of a swimming pool, Mullins’ decision to upsize during a pandemic and we have news of an upcoming Kev and Neale documentary wedding workshop. Questions about the term ‘weekend warriors,’ two tier sensor cameras, the rights required for selling photos made at a music concert and a thought about company names. This week’s book of the week is ’The 1960s’ by David Hurn and he’s also our guest.

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#175 The power of making one portrait every day + a Royal X-T3

‘Boxgate’ lingers on, though Kev is more concerned by the boxes of Easter eggs he can squirrel away before the kids find them. Questions today include, do you befriend your clients, do women and men see differently, can the Fujifilm system cut it for pro work in the studio and are photographic eggs in one basket still a good idea post pandemic? Kev reveals the truth about his wedding earnings during the pandemic, we look at some tech specs of a particular Zeiss camera in order to talk about the camera of the future and muse over the ‘Duchess of Fujifilm’ and internal flash triggers. The book of the week is Raymond Depardon’s ‘Glasgow’ and Neale talks with John Mannell, the ‘Portrait per Day’ man about making street portraits and mental health. 

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#174 Photographing weddings, the Royal Family and swimming with sharks!

Neale has been jabbed with 0.5mg of Bill Gates’ finest. Talking of ‘gates,’ Boxgate is back, SRGB or Adobe’s flavour of; what to choose to work in, some X-Pro3 issues to deal with and Q buttons, why? Which background colour works better for websites, can Judo make you a better photographer, how good are the new Mullins presets, how can I time and GPS stamp my audio recordings, how do you choose your photo books and the X-A7: discuss? Plus X-T3 or X-T4, is the IBIS worth it? Vinca Peterson’s ‘No System,’ is Kev’s book of the week plus we talk with royal family photographer Matt Porteous who is currently in The Maldives swimming with sharks! 

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#173 Being a photojournalist. Plus too old for street?

Kev is installed at last in the new office, Malmesbury Bunker 2.0 and we ask the questions; will the show ever be filmed, when are you too old for street shooting, should you choose an X-Pro1 or 2 used, who needs a camera in a cardboard box, should I supply all my clients with TIFF instead of Jpegs, has Covid made photographers give away their knowledge too readily too cheaply in too many online courses and if you had 5K to invest in a camera that would hold its value, what would you choose? Former British National Press Awards Photographer of the Year, PA Media photographer Danny Lawson is our guest and Kev’s book of the week is Henri Cartier-Bresson’s Scrapbook.

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#172 "Being a flea on the dog, not a fly on the wall!” and APSC, why?

Kev is in flat pack ‘heaven’ as the new studio build continues, we talk sports photography with the 70-300mm lens and the possibility of a wedding academy. Plus your questions; what do professional photographers do when they’re not making pictures, what are the boys’ aha photographic revelation moments, how large can you print a Fujifilm camera file, what is the future of APSC and why is Fujifilm so devoted to it? The book of the week is Anton Corbijn’s 1-2-3-4, and our guest is the documentary photographer Karah Mew. 

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