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Episode #203 DSLR v APSC and Alan Hewitt’s wildlife change of life pt1.

Kev and Neale are buying a private set of ‘islands’ in the sea with their Euromillions win! This week, mails on the perfect street set up, the differences between DSLR and APSC, deleting your historically less ’skilled’ efforts in Instagram and we’re asked if developing a style can thwart your overall creativity. Projects and the how, what, why of them surfaces once more, we talk teleconverters for X100 cameras and Neale Surprises Kev with what’s going on behind the curtains of Arcacia Avenue. Book of the week is Abandoned Tennessee by Jay Farrell and our guest is Fujifilm ambassador and wildlife photographer Alan Hewitt.

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#202 What ARE the rules of the street? And photo comp judges!

Kev needs a new photographic keep fit regime that doesn’t hurt his knees, we chat about emotional images and how they affect us as the photographer, what we’d choose given a one camera one lens choice, we talk Zuckergate, secure logins and Twitter sharing. What is the age ceiling of wedding photographers and camera club competition judges, discuss!?! The book of the week is Sally Mann’s Hold Still and Peter Dench returns for part 2 of his conversation with Mullins. 

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#201 Peter Dench on disarming an ‘audience’ with your portfolio and Fujifilm, should I?

Kev needs help with iTunes and large Swedish furniture emporiums, we talk merch, re-sorting a camera time sync issue, setting up a wedding business on two continents, finding your style and we ask; “Is the original X100 still useful today?” We also answer questions on why our passion projects are not our jobs, what camera straps we use, why C1 and LR can’t recreate ALL Fujifilm simulations for ALL cameras universally, how the new 18mm has impacted Kev’s wedding work and why you might choose to swap to the Fujifilm ecosystem. Our guest this week is Peter Dench who talks about building a surprising portfolio and the book of the week is Lucy Hamidzadeh’s Unfinished Stories.

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#200 Has Fujifilm changed the way I photograph?

It’s the 200th edition, though the party is being postponed until 2028 when we’re all allowed to meet in a theatre again. Kev finds a unique method for his lateral flow tests before a wedding, we talk more about photographic style and if moving to Fujifilm changes the way you see, plus we ask are Fujifilm pictures ‘muddy’ out of camera? We muse over how the podcast started and talk about hosting your first exhibition. Book of the week is Archive by Bertien Van Manen and our guest is Sandra Cortanneo Ordano talking about the book Aguas De Ouro, published not long after starting her photographic career aged 60.

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#199 Shooting a photographer’s wedding and anyone want to buy our bleep machine? It’s over!

Shooting a wedding for an established professional wedding photographer. How does that feel? This week we find out from our special guest Anna McCarthy who shot our own Mullins’ big day. We also talk about personal photographic style. Is it real? There’s advice on lens upgrades, Kev and Neale consider truck driving again and we talk about upgrading your X100 camera to become become an infrared version! Also, we’re ’selling’ the bleep machine, asking how secure your kit is on the road and wondering why local authorities don’t open up unused shops to be places of art. Book of the week is Genesis by Sebastiào Salgado.

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