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#199 Shooting a photographer’s wedding and anyone want to buy our bleep machine? It’s over!

Shooting a wedding for an established professional wedding photographer. How does that feel? This week we find out from our special guest Anna McCarthy who shot our own Mullins’ big day. We also talk about personal photographic style. Is it real? There’s advice on lens upgrades, Kev and Neale consider truck driving again and we talk about upgrading your X100 camera to become become an infrared version! Also, we’re ’selling’ the bleep machine, asking how secure your kit is on the road and wondering why local authorities don’t open up unused shops to be places of art. Book of the week is Genesis by Sebastiào Salgado.

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#198 Ethics, morals, emotions of photography plus ASK ANDREAS part 2.

Kev and Neale discuss their ‘new’ photography company, we talk about ’Tonygate’, ask what might happen if Fujifilm stopped making cameras, we open up the X100V clinic, chat about in camera digital bokeh and try to solve a rapid focusing issue. We also ask how trustworthy second shooters are, what subject matter you would find ultimately hard to photograph ethically, morally and emotionally and how we can stop trolls from having anonymous social media accounts. Book of the week is Wear a Mask by Martin Stott and it’s Part 2 of Ask Andreas featuring Group Marketing Manager Andreas Georghiades.

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#197 ASK ANDREAS part 1 and swapping our X-T or X-Pro for a GFX?

Kev is recovering after his marathon of weddings, so it’s a welcome sit down for a coffee and chat about what makes the perfect photo book design. We also talk about swapping our X-Ts and X-Pros for a GFX, the latest Fujifilm Summit, Kev gives dubious flying advice for nervous fliers but sterling advice for a sixteen year looking at a photographic career. We ponder whether cloud back up is safe enough and expensive, if Fujifilm could add shutter sound effects to bodies to resemble favourite classic camera sounds, protecting the X100 series lens, using the X100V’s digital zoom and what ‘non-photographers’ appreciate in a professional picture. ‘Hey look at this’ by Dennis Skyum is the ‘book of the week’ and it’s part one of the latest Ask Andreas, where the Group Marketing Manager for Fujifilm answers your brand questions.

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#196 TURN MY LIKES OFF and Palle Schultz in praise of Kubrick

Kev’s not convinced he should join Celebrity Love Island, but he has drunk Malmesbury clean dry of booze! This week’s questions include; “Why do on board clarity settings slow my camera down, what wedding traditions are photographically wearing, have you joined Glass yet, will you be turning your LIKES counter off, what’s wrong with the dual shoulder harness type strap and how can I optimise Lightroom preview practise?” We talk tilt shift for Fuji cameras and face our flash demons. Book of the week is Sandra Odorno’s Águas de Ouro and our friend of the show chat is with Palle Schultz.

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#195 The shot that GOT AWAY and being positive about social!

Mullins is buying a horse box. Is equestrian photography about to become his latest photographic skillset? Why buy a lens cloth when old used underwear is an option, should I avoid any and all children appearing in my street pictures, are we too negative about social media, do I HAVE to shoot film, should my business post Covid embrace multi genres, just who uses P mode and what is the shot that GOT AWAY for you? Kev reveals which camera he recommends to most people who ask for the best all rounder Fujifilm camera and why having the shutter sound turned on in his mirrorless X100V makes him feel like a ‘proper photographer.’ Tim Page’s Requiem is the book of the week and Scott Johnson is our guest; a friend of the show and fellow Fujifilm X-Photographer.

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