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#185 Kev's getting wed! Photographer needed? And buy yourself an X100V!

The boys are back in town… cue the song! This week the astounding news that Kev is getting married, but to whom? And why? Did last week’s episode cause this? So many questions! Neale and Kev design their perfect camera, we give a ‘hall pass’ to buy an X100V, discuss camera customisation and talk about your website; are you about to feel the wrath of Google? Can you mix and match old and new video footage to make family stories that are enduring and how technical do you need to be to make such a film? Do we accept bitcoin, how do we deal with Covid discount requests, two cam set ups; should they be identical bodies? The book of the week is a Hoxton Mini Press book; London Nights and our guest is Christopher O’Sullivan talking about shooting and publishing your first book.

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#184 Living a Photographic Story and What Makes Us Successful?

Neale is taking a well-earned break, so Gemma joins Kevin at the helm as they steer the good ship Fujicast into several Icebergs. We discuss what makes us successful and more GAS.  Are we buying cameras because they look cool or because they do the job? Just why haven’t Kev and Neale kept their promise to Gemma, and what is the right thing to wear to a wedding? The book of the week is ‘If We Shadows’ by Bailey, which Gemma gets stuck into, and acclaimed photographer Spencer Wyn is our guest. Hang around to the end of the show to see just how it went when Kev & Gemma cracked some cold ones and tried their best.

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#183 It’s time to MAKE YOUR BOOK! and tackling ‘Uncle Bob’;

Kev considers how he no longer has time to be a photographer now his radio career is lifting off, we tackle the new street photography and YouTube clauses when it comes to identifying people in your pictures and films, dealing with over zealous amateurs ’stealing your shots,’ self timer presets, the perfect first Fujifilm family camera for a pro and choosing between the X100V and X-H1 for video work. We ask, “Is burst mode cheating when you’re shooting street work and will we have to start requesting permission on the street for pics?” Kev’s Book of the Week is from Belgian photographer Stefan Vanfleteren and Our Friend of the Show guest is Alex Frederickson.

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#182 Swapping from Nikon and what is fine art photography?

Kev is luxuriating in Bunker Malmesbury, Neale is in the studio, though it’s business as usual with your questions. This week, is there any point to IBIS when films today are as ‘Shaky’ as an 80s pop star singing Green Door? We talk about taking on a part time job if wedding work gets shifted again, whether we could return to a time which necessitates shooting with film cameras only, Clubhouse, the banning of street shooting and we debate fine art photography; what is it? The boys tempt a lifelong Nikon shooter with a shopping list, we sort out the black and white simulation options in camera, and discuss perfect pancakes of the lens variety. The book of the week is Todd Hido’s ‘On Landscapes, Interiors and The Nude’ and our Friend of the Show interview is with Steve Vaughan.

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#181 Deleting 100K Instagram subscribers! And naturist wedding shooters apply here!

Kev and Neale release a little more about their forthcoming July documentary photography course in Amersham. We also talk about making family documentary pictures, photographing naturist and fancy dressed weddings, manual focus lenses; will Fujifilm ever produce a set? Also using the GFX as a documentary camera, the decision to purchase a good monitor for photographic retouching, boxgate is still here, budget friendly cine lenses for the Fuji range, state of the photographic industry, snaps versus photographs and what would make the perfect X-Pro4 and X-H2! Book of the week is ‘Stags, Hags and Bunnies’ by Dougie Wallace and our Friend of the Show guest is Dennis Skyum who talks about deleting 100,000 Instagram followers.

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