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#214 Celebrating solitude and street work in your own town

Are professional European photography gigs over for the Brits? Kev’s gotten rid of his bed bugs, we’re still guessing what an X-H2 may bring, we talk camera ergonomics including our feelings about the X100V, the ‘right time’ for using flash, embracing street photography in your own town, the kit you bought you wished you hadn’t and celebrate not having to calibrate lenses. The book of the week is Parker J. Pfister’s Of Solitude and we revisit the archive to hear from Shotkit’s Mark Condon.

#213 New to street? Advice and do you really need a blog?

Kev’s reboot has begun for ’22. We talk ‘must have’ shots at weddings, creative ruts, X-Trans sensor magic, back button focussing on the X100V, advice for new street photographers, left eye shooters, using exposure compensation and ask; “What is the difference in light gathering when considering lenses on a full frame camera versus APSC sensor camera?” Casey Orr returns for the concluding part of her chat with Kev.

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#212 Exploring questions with your camera and a left eyed X-Pro?

The last one of the year as we take a short break over the holiday period. We’re musing over cameras for left eyed shooters, revisiting focusing techniques, pricing a ‘day in the life’ photo business, Kev shares his plans for ’22 and we ask, “Could you shoot a wedding just with zooms?” We talk about photography start-ups, stolen library owned photobooks, have some jpeg editing tips, Covid passes at weddings and the most popular colour for an X100 range camera. Our guest is documentary photographer Casey Orr.

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#211 "Get out the camera and take the picture" + seeing in the dark with the 50mm f1

Who ate all the mince pies and why is Kev favouring the new 50mm f1 lens for his wedding work? We talk about working with videographers in a documentary setting and dancing whilst making your pictures! We discuss providing pictures to bereaved families, stepping back to manual focus times, making stories locally and ask, are you proud of what you shoot? Book of the week is Asim Khan’s Scenes from a World in Lockdown and we hear from Deanna Dikeman on her book Leaving and Waving.

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#210 X-Pro or X-T? And the Twitterstorm!

This week we talk about photofilms and the various different versions that Kev and Neale present to clients, how to wrangle with back button focus, there’s a Twitterstorm brewing, X-Pro v X-T and camera choice dilemmas, combining footage from drones and an X-H1 in a video edit, the wonderful new 18mm lens and what to do when your mails just seem to go to peoples’ spam boxes! Polly Rusyn is back to talk about street photography too.

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