EPISODE #8 Social Media for Photographers and James Ravilious

This week, Mullins under the spotlight, twice.

He shares his real working knowledge of social media and how to use it well in photography and takes a trip to Devon to talk to Robin Ravilious, widow of the late great James, social documenter, lauded by Cartier-Bresson for his authentic storytelling of life in the south west of England.

And we have more Simplr Straps to give away.

James Ravilious main site: http://www.jamesravilious.com/ 
Archive: https://beaford.org/about-james-ravilious 
Simplr camera straps: https://simplr.us/ 

ith purposeful design, rugged performance and military-grade materials — Simplr
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2 comments on EPISODE #8 Social Media for Photographers and James Ravilious

  1. ben gillett says:

    Film Director Mike Figgis came up with the idea for the Fig-rig 🙂

  2. ben gillett says:

    Wedding photography search –

    Hi Guys,
    We are getting married in September and searched for “wedding photographer and the venue name” on Google. This then helps us find photographers who know the venue and see their style at that venue. This saves time, cutting out wedding photographers from other regions in the UK/ World and pictures from billions of venues which offer looks and opportunities that we/ our photographer would never be able to achieve if photo-expectations relate to the venue itself (a factor for some couples).


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