Episode #40 Become a published photo book author, FOR FREE?!

Today's guest Joe Houghton has just fulfilled his dream of having a photo book published. Streets of Dublin is proof that if you have a great idea, in 2020/21, there really isn't a barrier to seeing your book grace the shelves of Amazon and book stores.

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Episode #39 Robert Capa, the best war photographer ever?

For those listening November 11, this is of timely importance, since it's Armistice Day.

So with a respectful nod to photographers who paid the ultimate personal price whilst taking pictures in war zones, special guest Giles Penfound, former army photographer discusses the reality of working in those places that most of us would...

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Episode #38 Being a press photographer with guest Paul Rogers

This week special guest Paul Rogers talks about becoming a press photographer and his transition to wedding photography as Fleet Street started to close the photo desks. Favourite photobooks revealed, and Mullins talks about his new favourite film emulation. Paul Rogers: https://rogerspictures.com Simplr Straps: https://simplr.us Mullins online: https://www.kevinmullinsphotography.co.uk X-Pro3 review: https://www.f16.click Neale James: https://www.nealejames.com  Last tickets remaining for X-Weddings! https://www.x-weddings.co.uk

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Episode #37 X-Pro3 first thoughts and photo projects in print!

This week’s special guest is Chris Waddell. His book ‘End of the Pier Show’ is proof that investing your time and money into a photo project can be a rewarding and cathartic experience. If you’ve ever thought of self-publishing your own book, this episode is for you. ALSO… it’s X-Pro3 release week and Mullins gives...

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Episode #36 I trained to be a war photographer! Ondrej Vachek

This week on the show, Ondrej Vachek talks about funding his own trips and training to photograph in Ukraine. We also talk about the name of the show! What's new on the Fujifilm lens roadmap and hear Mullins fall apart, just for a moment when faced with that, shhh, B word!

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Episode #35 Supermodels and war! With Amelia Troubridge

This week our special guest is the incredible Amelia Troubridge who has photographed some of the world’s biggest celebrities but equally photographs some of the hardest and most moving photo stories on the planet. The second week of taking the show out on the road to Chez Kev’s before we return to the studio next...

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